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3rd Bulletin: Spring 2007 HEPiX at DESY (April 23-27)

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 02:18:18 +0200 (CEST)
From: knut.woller@desy.de
Subject: 3rd Bulletin: Spring 2007 HEPiX at DESY (April 23-27)

Dear All,

with only a dozen days left until we meet at DESY, let me remind you that even though we do not have formal deadlines for registering and submitting abstracts, there is good reason to do that no later than now.

First, the agenda is filling rapidly. Beyond the details which we have published on http://hepix2007.desy.de, we have a number of proposed or pending sudmissions. If you plan to submit a presentation or site report, please go ahead now.

Second, we have planned to throw in a Hamburg public transport ticket for the full HEPiX week for every registrant, providing acces to buses, trains, and ferries on the Elbe river. Since these have to be ordered a week in advance, we can only provide that for registrations which we receive until Friday, April 13, around noon (German time).

Third, our caterers need some solid numbers for their planning. Let's help them. Workshop dinner details (we're on a ship) have been added to the website recently. If you have not visited our website lately, it is worth another look now.

If you heven't already done so, take a few minutes, register now, and let us know what you plan to present.

If you need help with anything or have questions, the local organizing committee can be contacted by sending e-mail to hepix2007-org@desy.de.

We look forward to meeting you in Hamburg.


   Dr. Knut Woller
   - IT -
   22603 Hamburg


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