Workshop Dinner

The Spring HEPiX 2007 Workshop Dinner takes place on board the D.E.S. Bergedorf in Museumshafen Oevelgoenne on Wednesday, April 25, starting at 19:00.

Admission will be restricted to HEPiX registrants holding a valid dinner ticket, which you receive at the registration desk during the workshop. Please mark the number of seats you require on the registration form.

"Dinner only" tickets for accompanying persons will be available for 40 EUR (incl. menu and drinks) at the registration desk as well.

To get there from DESY, take Bus 1 from DESY/Notkestrasse (or Bus 2 from DESY/Luruper Chausse, Novotel, or NH Hotel) to Bahnhof Altona. From there, proceed with Bus 112 to Museumshafen Oevelgoenne. The bus ride takes about 30 minutes and is free for early registrants with a HEPiX Tourist Group Ticket (2.50 EUR nominal fare).

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